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    PRIDE True Titanium Burnt Tips

    Designed to fit over our exhaust tips on the Lightweight and V2 with the standard 3.5in tips. These are the same tip add on we offer when purchasing our exhaust new. Installation is simple,  does require drilling a hole in the bottom of the exhaust tip, so gives the option of adjusting the length and mounting location. Does come with hardware. These are real Titanium and will not oxidize over time.

    PRIDE Universal O2 CEL Fix

    Our PRIDE Exhaust Universal 90 degree O2 Spacer(s) lengthen the distance between the O2 sensor(s) and the exhaust flow in order to minimize Check Engine Light occurrences.  The factory ECU compares the readings from a pair of oxygen sensors to measure the effectiveness of the catalysts. When a High-Flow Catalytic Converter(s) or Test Pipes (DeCats) are used the exhaust gases are able to pass by the cat at a much faster rate, disrupting the readings. Our O2 spacers retract the secondary oxygen sensors from the direct flow of gases, restoring the balance that the ECU requires when using High-Flow Cat / Test Pipe. *These are individually*

    Pride Exhaust T-Shirt

    Pride Exhaust Logo T-Shirt Available in Men's and Women's sizes

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